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Adapter xD/SD引脚定义

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Adapter xD/SD

xD part 
An xD cards is a standard NAND flash device, but engineered in a different type package. 
The adaptor allows us to have access to memory at its lowest level. 

SD part 
Works through classic/basic SD interface arrangement. 
We can read the SD card differently and avoid bad blocks, which usually would hang Microsoft Windows. 

When you put SD card in regular card reader (like end users use at home or work), below is a list of possible outcomes. 
1. Microsoft Windows hangs -> 90% of these situations the Soft-Center SD adapter will help. 
2. Don't see disk/storage device in Image Explorer at all -> Only 1% of situations Soft-Center SD adapter helps 
3. Open disk with Image Explorer, all sectors = CRC Error -> Remove NAND Chip & Attempt Direct NAND Recovery 

How to read xD? 

1. Setup xD / SD adapter 
2. Insert card 
3. Attach USB connector 
4. Read NAND_Reader.exe as usual 

How to read SD? 

1. Setup xD / SD adapter 
2. Install new reader driver version 2 or more 
3. Download Adapter_SD_vXXX.dll 
4. Image_Explorer \ props \ Copier \ Output = Image File 
5. Image_Explorer \ Tool - select Adapter_SD_vXXX.dll 

What mean this log? 
CMD  0  GO_IDLE_STATE---------- IDLE ----------ACMD 41  SD_APP_OP_CONDReset fail
Card is not responding. 
Card is dead. 

Adapter SD pinout 

Look throu top of adapter: 

B8   SD_D2B9   SD_D3B10  SD_CMDB11  SD_CLKB12  SD_D0B13  SD_D1Look throu top of card:



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