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pc3000 ssd支持列表2.10.3

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内容摘要:PC-3000 SSD Systems. The List of Supported SSDs (regularly updated, ver. 2.10.3)Posted on10/16/2020byACELab teamHello friends!The ACE Lab de...

PC-3000 SSD Systems. The List of Supported SSDs (regularly updated, ver. 2.10.3)

Hello friends!

The ACE Lab developers constantly research drives, which results in a rapid expansion of the Support List for most of the modern SSDs. So with the PC-3000 Systems that support Solid State Drives, you will always be on the cutting edge of
data recovery technology!


The PC-3000 SSD/Ultimate Systems contain one of the following software add-ons: 

 PC-3000 SSD (for the PC-3000 Express/UDMA System, software ver.6.9.x)
 PC-3000 SSD Extended (for the PC-3000 Portable III System, software ver.6.9.x)

The PC-3000 SSD Extended is the new software add-on that supports the widest range of SSD types: SATA, mSATA, M.2 SATA, M.2 PCIe NVMe/АHCI, PCIe x16, Apple Macbook, LIF, ZIF, PATA. The PCIe drives are connected via the special adapters from ACE Lab:

pc3000_ssd支持列表2.10.3 pc3000_ssd支持列表2.10.3 pc3000_ssd支持列表2.10.3
M.2 PCIe NVMe/AHCI SSD & M.2 SATA SSD adapter PCIe NVMe/AHCI Adapter for Apple Macbook SSD PCIe x16 SSD Adapter

The current version of the PC-3000 SSD/PC-3000 SSD Extended software is 2.10.3.

When recovering data from Solid State drives you should keep in mind the following:

 You can recover data only if there are no issues with the hardware of an SSD. The CPU, NAND memory chips, and PCB should be in good condition. This means that, when you power on the SSD, the ATA registers should display a status. The drives might be in the BSY state, or they might return the wrong capacity / ID, but they should give a response.

 The PC-3000 SSD/PC-3000 SSD Extended software add-on supports the combination of the Firmware (Manufacturer) and the controller (CPU). Some manufacturers use the same controllers with a different Firmware, with different technological commands so that such drives might be unsupported.

E.g. fully supported Marvell 88SS9174 controllers are used in the Micron, Plextor, and Crucial drives, that all have similar FW. But some of the Lite-on SSDs based on the same 88SS9174 CPU are not supported because their firmware microprogram is completely rewritten by the Lite-on company. At the same time, modern families of Silicon Motion and Phison drives have the default SM22xx and PS31xx platforms which are very similar. So, if you get any drive based on the PS3111 controller, it would also be supported, even if such a model is not present in the Support List.

 Our developers are working hard on adding primarily the most popular drives to the Support List. However, the popularity of the devices may vary depending on the region. Some drives that might be common for your region may be very rare in others. Feel free to contact our Technical Support if you wish to take part in the process and have the means to provide some donor parts for the research.

 If you have an SSD with the File System issues, deleted info, or missed files that is not in the Support List, you can still use your PC-3000 System (with the Data Extractor software) to access data! The PC-3000 SSD/PC-3000 SSD Extended software add-ons are used only for the cases when SSDs have serious issues with internal firmware, translator tables, and other logical issues!


M.2 interface difference – PCIe NVMe M.2 and SATA M.2


► NVMe M.2 supported only by PC-3000 Portable III tool!

► SATA M.2 supported by PC-3000 UDMA-E, Express and Portable III.


The list of supported drives grouped by Utilities:

Family Model
PCIe SSDs supported by the
PC-3000 Portable III Systems
NVMe Silicon Motion Family:

  • SM2260
  • SM2263XT
  • HPH8068
HP EX900
Lexar NM600
Patriot Hellfire
Radeon R5
Transcend MTE110S
Zion NFP03 (NeoForza)
NVMe Phison Family:

  • PS5007
  • PS5008
Apacer A52280P2
Gigabyte GSM2NE8
Kingston A1000
Kingston KC1000
Patriot Hellfire M2
Patriot Scorch M2
Smartbuy M8
+ many other PS5007 and PS5008-based SSDs
NVMe Marvell Family:

  • 88SS1093
Plextor M9Pe
SATA SSDs supported by the
PC-3000 Portable III Systems, PC-3000 Express Systems, PC-3000 UDMA Systems
Silicon Motion family:

    • SM2246XT
    • P3XV60
    • SM2236G
    • SM2246EN
    • SM2256K
    • SM2258G
    • SM2258XT
    • SM2259XT
    • CS4341AA


ADATA SU650 (SM2258XT)
AMD Radeon R3 (SM2256K)
Apacer AS350 Panther
AMD Radeon R5
CFast Lexar Professional 3400
Corsair Force LX
Crucial BX100
Crucial BX500 (SM2258XT)
KingDian S200
Kingston  SA400S37 (CS4341AA = SM2258XT)
KingSpec PA25 (SM2236G)
Lite On LCH-256V2S-11 ARTICLE!
Patriot P200
Plextor M6V
Plextor S2C
PNY CS1111
RevuAhn 850X
RevuAhn 900T PRO
RevuAhn 885
Sandisk SSD Plus (SM2246XT)
Silicon Power Slim S55 (SM2258XT)
KingSpec MT-128 (SM2258XT)
Silicon Power S55 (SM2259XT)
Transcend TS256GSSD360S (P3XV60 =SM2246XT)
Smartbuy Jolt
WD Green (SM2258XT)
KingSpec P3 (SM2259XT)
KingSpec MT-128 (SM2258XT)
+ many other drives based on SM2246 (except for the Intel modifications which are not supported!) and SM2258XT
Phison family:

  • PS3105
  • PS3108
  • PS3109
  • PS3110
  • PS3111
  • TC58NC1000
  • CP33238B
  • AS2258 


Corsair Force LS VIDEO!
Corsair Nova
Crucial V4
Kingston A400
Kingston HyperX Savage
Kingston SMSM15S3
Kingston SSDNow KC400
Kingston SSDNow UV300
Lite-On MU3
OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 100
OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 150
Patriot Blast
Patriot Blaze
Patriot Spark
QUMO Novation 3D (AS2258)
Seagate Fast SSD
Seagate One Touch SSD
Silicon Power Slim S55 (PS3109)
Silicon Power Slim S55 (PS3111)
Silicon Power Slim S60
Smartbuy Firestone
Smartbuy Ignition 2
Smartbuy Ignition 4
Smartbuy Revival
Smartbuy Revival 2
Smartbuy S11T
Smartbuy S9M
Toshiba Q300
+ many other drives based on PS3105/PS3108/PS3109/PS3110/ PS3111/Toshiba TC58NC1000/Kingston CP33238B CPU!
Marvell family:

  • 88SS9174
  • 88SS9187
  • 88SS9189
  • 88SS9190
  • 88SS1074


Crucial C300
Crucial C400
Crucial M4
Crucial M500 Partial support!*
Crucial M550 Partial support!*
Crucial MX100 Partial support!*
Crucial MX200 Partial support!*
Intel 510 Partial support!*
Micron C300
Micron C400
Plextor M3 Pro Partial support!*
Plextor M3 Partial support!*
Plextor M5 Pro Extreme Partial support!*
Plextor M5 Pro Partial support!*
Plextor M5S Partial support!*
Sandisk Genesis Partial support!*
Sandisk SSD Plus (88SS1074 MODARTICLE!  Full support!**
Sandisk Ultra II ARTICLE! Full support!**
Sandisk Ultra Plus Partial support!*
Sandisk Vulcan Partial support!*
Sandisk X110 (M.2 2260) Partial support!*
Sandisk X300 Partial support!*
WD Blue ARTICLE! Full support!**
*Except for the BSY state drives
**For Marvell 88SS1074 the Terminal 3 adapter is required!
Samsung family:

  • S3C29MAX01
  • S3C29RBB01
  • S4LJ204X01
  • S4LN021X01
  • S4LN045X01
  • S4LN054X02


Samsung 470 S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU based
(including Apple models)
Samsung 830 S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU based
(including Apple models)
Samsung 840 S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based
Samsung 840 Evo ARTICLE! S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based (including mSATA)
Samsung 840 Pro S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based
Samsung 850 Pro S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based
Samsung CM871 S4LN054X02-Y030 CPU based
Samsung MLC S3C29RBB01-YK40 CPU based
Samsung PM810 S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU based
(mSATA version of 470)
Samsung PM830 S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU based
Samsung PM840 S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based
Samsung PM841 S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based
Samsung PM851 ARTICLE! S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based (including mSATA)
Indilinx Barefoot family:

  • IDX110M00
  • IDX110M01
  • IDX110M02


Corsair Extreme series
Crucial M225
OCZ Solid 2 series
OCZ Vertex 1
+ all other drives based on IDX1xXX CPU!
OCZ Barefoot 3 family:

  • IDX500Mxx


AMD Radeon R7
OCZ Vector 150
OCZ Vector 180
OCZ Vector 480
OCZ Vertex 450
OCZ Vertex 460
OCZ Vertex 460A
Intel family:

  • PC29AS21AA0


Intel 320
Intel 710
Intel X18
Intel X25

List of Apple devices you also can find right here.

P.S. We get a lot of questions about the SandForce SSDs. These drives have a very complex internal structure with full hardware encryption of all logical structures. This means that such drives completely encrypt all data in Firmware and in the NAND memory chips. If you try to unsolder the NAND Flash chips from a SandForce-based SSD, you will find that all information is completely encrypted with the AES-256 key. There is no way of getting data from such SSDs at the moment, but we continue our research.
Here you may find the model list of the SandForce SF CPU-based SSDs.

If you have any questions regarding your data recovery cases, you’re welcome to address them to the Technical Support department.

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